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House Olympics and Cross Country

On the last day of term students participated in some fun activities to finish off what can only be described as a very challenging school term. Our house Olympics were organised in lieu or our usual school sports, which we were unable to conduct this year. Traditionally, senior students would dress up for the school sports, so they were given the opportunity to use this event to ‘costume up’ in their house colours. House groups rotated through the following activities: paper plane competitions, human coits, catch the flying vortex, potato race, skipping, bounce the exercise ball relay and keep the ball up. There were lots of smiles and laughs, which was the main objective of the activity. From a competition point of view, Pyrenees won the "Olympics" followed by Grampians then Hopkins.

After lunch, students ran or walked the school block for the House Cross Country. Some of our more active staff also went for a run and joined some of the students who ran two laps to get extra points for their House. The end result was a win to Hopkins over Pyrenees then Grampians.

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