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Ararat College staff, students and parents/carers will work together to create and sustain safe, supportive learning environments where all students experience success through active participation and engagement in purposeful learning.  The school will build strong relationships to nurture resilience and positive self-image. 

Listed below are links to websites that specialise in dealing with  student wellbeing issues.

Ararat College On-line Incident Report.

This report is confidential and a coordinator will contact you on receiving this report

 ph 1300 22 4636 

Beyond Blue is a national organisation working to help those with depression or anxiety. The website contains a lot of useful information.  Try the “Get Help” or “Symptoms Checklist” tabs at the top of the screen

Clinical psychologist, Andrew Fuller, works with schools and communities, focusing on the wellbeing of young people and their families. Go to the Free Resources link on the site.

Michael Carr-Gregg is a leading adolescent psychologist.  His website contains many highly useful links, articles and videos for parents and students alike.

Nationwide resources to minimise bullying and harassment in schools.

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