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For organisation, welfare and discipline purposes, the college is divided into year levels.  A Sub School Leader will be in overall charge at each Year Level.  The  Level Leaders will assist students to make certain that their experiences at school are worthwhile and pleasant.  Year Level Leaders  are assisted by a Junior, Middle and Senior School Coordinator.



Our Student Welfare Officer is is at the school to support students when they need someone to talk to. Our Officer is available every day and is a friendly face that is always happy to see students.



The main role of our Careers Practitioner is to:

  • Teach about the world of work.

  • Providing information on career trends, tertiary and TAFE courses availability and prerequisites.

  • Counsel individual students on career choice and development in the VCE.

  • Encouraging students to prepare personal resumes, teaching letter writing skills as well as interview and telephone technique.

  • Organise with the community to offer work experience to students.

  • Complete MIPs program for every student  in year 10, 11 and 12.



The College Nurse attends College four days each fortnight. She is available to offer education on health issues on both an informal and a structured level.  She also assists the Chaplain with welfare issues. Students are encouraged to approach the nurse for assistance on any physical/emotional health issue.  They may do this individually or may be referred by teachers with a concern for the student’s well-being.



Our School Counsellor is a valuable member of our school’s health and wellbeing team who can provide individual support to students.  Sometimes students need additional support and the Counsellor can identify what support they may need and intervene to ensure that they receive it.  Needs addressed could include:

  • risk of disengagement from school.

  • disadvantage or vulnerability.  

  • mental health disorders including anxiety and depression.

  • relationship problems, eating disorders, learning problems.

  • substance abuse.

  • parenting issues.

  • managing chronic illness.

Any parent or student who feels they could benefit from the services of our Counsellor should contact either our Junior or Senior School Coordinator at the College.  Students seeing our  are required to be referred by the Junior or Senior School Coordinator, the Assistant Principal or the Principal.