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  • We are inclusive of all and celebrate diversity

  • We take pride in ourselves and our physical and social community

  • We show kindness to each other


  • We are accountable for our own actions

  • We resolve differences in constructive ways

  • We contribute positively to our community


  • We aspire to exceed our potential

  • We challenge ourselves to be continuously improving

  • We embrace opportunities

This is a friendly school where students have the opportunity to do well in many areas.
We want you to participate enthusiastically in all aspects of college life and strive to do your best at all times.



Ararat College aims to develop individuals who are confident in the process of learning and who are open to change. The college strives to promote a climate conducive to personal growth and self-directed learning.  Our college aims to prepare our students for teenage living, employment, tertiary studies and family and community life.



Teachers conduct Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) throughout their classes and student results will then be published a short time after submission and will include:

  • A description of the task

  • Student achievement result in percentage form

  • Written feedback from the teacher outlining what the student has achieved, what they need to address and actions to take moving forward

This ‘real time’ written feedback allows parents to be more actively involved in their child’s learning. Teachers can work with students to identify future learning goals and students are more accountable for their work habits.

We believe that providing more detailed ‘real time’ feedback to students and families will only strengthen the learning outcomes of all our students.

Parent Teacher Interviews   -  End of Term one and three  
Student Reports                    -  End of Term two and four    

Parents will be given an opportunity to discuss their child’s report at parent/teacher interviews. These occur towards the end of term 1 and term 3. However, parents are welcome to phone the college at any time to arrange an appointment to discuss the progress of their child.



The college has a student recognition program that operates on a semester basis. Students who achieve excellent academic results are eligible for Academic Awards, while those who display excellent conduct and effort become eligible for an A Team Award. We believe these awards serve not only as recognition but also as evidence that students can use at interviews for employment and/or course entrance. Students also receive recognition each week for special achievements in the College.

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