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R U OK? Day

ON the 10th of September, we celebrated the R U OK day here at Ararat College.

The purpose of this day is to recognise the importance of mental health and looking after our friends, family and broader community. In 2020, the challenges we face are truly unique and the message of R U OK Day is even more important this year.

VCAL students worked alongside wellbeing staff at the college to put together gift bags for teaching staff, in recognition of their hard work and enduring resilience in these trying circumstances. These gift bags contained information about R U OK Day and how to start what can be a difficult conversation and what can be done to help support those who are not ok. There was also a cheeky little surprise in there for staff to give them something sweet to enjoy.

VCAL students Bianca Carter and Jordan Ferguson personally ensured the delivery of these gift bags to all staff. They should be very proud of the work and effort that they put in to brighten the days of staff here at Ararat College. This was also a fantastic example of our students demonstrating gratefulness. This is consistent with the message that Ararat College continues to champion as part of our commitment to the Resilience Project and raising resilient young people. Bri Hughes and Jack Ward were also fantastic contributors with their discussion piece on R U OK Day as part of their “Keeping up with the captains” program. To check out this, click on the following link

For those students who are not ok, please remember that you are able to access assistance from our wellbeing team members. All you need to do is reach out by sending a message via Xuno portal to your coordinator, a member of the wellbeing team, or you could speak with a trusted adult, teacher or friend.

Further assistance is available through.


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