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Illuminate Homeroom Programme

For 2018 the college timetable has been altered to allow for 15 minutes of dedicated Illuminate time at the beginning of each day for Year 7-9 classes. This allows these students the opportunity to read each morning in a quiet and controlled environment with access to classroom libraries. However, it seeks to be more than just an independent reading programme. The programme has been called Illuminate specifically. Synonyms for this term are to explain, shed light upon or reveal. Our programme seeks to clarify student understanding of the reading process through a series of mini lessons that explicitly model reading behaviours, and to allow opportunities for students to apply these skills to new reading material or their own personal text.

Research has shown clearly that the essential power of independent reading is the setting of personalised goals by the students and the conferencing with teachers about their efforts in reaching this goal. Research consistently shows that students who talk about their reading have higher reading scores than students who hardly or never talk about reading. As a part of the Illuminate programme, students will keep reading logs that record their personal goals and their key steps in reaching their goals. They will conference regularly with staff once the programme is established to discuss their thinking processes during their reading, using their reading logs as evidence.

Each semester, students will undertake a range of tests that monitor their progress in reading and vocabulary. As a part of the Illuminate programme, teachers will share with students their results. This will ensure students are able to track their progress in reading and allow them to make informed decisions about goals that they will set and work towards during their independent reading time.

What can parents do to support the programme?

· Where possible, supply students with a range of reading materials that interest your child.

· Talk to your child about what they are reading at school or at home.

Watch the news with your child and discuss events to build world knowledge

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