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Welcome to Ararat West Primary School

Last weekend I was in Melbourne attending the Fast Five Netball Competition. I awoke Saturday morning to a number of texts on my phone and I was then shocked to discover that a fire had occurred at Ararat West. I am a past student of this school, and have fond memories of my primary school years.

Ararat College has a strong relationship with all of our feeder State Primary Schools. With the support of Ararat College’s Leadership team, I offered our school as a possible site for Ararat West to relocate to in the short term. Mr Terry Keilar, Principal of Ararat West, informed me on Sunday that the school would be accepting our offer. I would like to thank Mrs Ellie McDougall, Mr Kevin Bowles, Lauren Bowles and Mr Michael Spalding for their efforts on Sunday in making sure the Middle Years Centre (open plan with three classroom spaces) and the E-Wing (six classrooms) was ready to go for Ararat West. I would also like to thank Mrs Roberts for rearranging our timetable and making room changes.

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