New Principal Announced

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Ellie McDougall as Principal of Ararat College! Earlier this week Ellie was ‘officially’ retained as substantiative principal for our college after spending 14 months as Acting Principal. Ellie replaces Mr Geoff Sawyer who has recently retired from the role. Ellie began her teaching career at Ararat College in 2009, and after a short stint with the Department of Education Wimmera Office, she returns as the first female Principal for Ararat College. Ellie’s focus will continue to be on the students of Ararat College and the opportunities we can provide to allow them to exceed their potential in any area of their choice. We look f

Chemistry Unit 1

In Unit 1 Chemistry students have been studying Organic Chemistry. This involves looking at the properties and reactions of different hydrocarbons (molecules made from carbon and hydrogen). They are testing their solubility in water, as well as their reactions with both acids and bases. Some of the chemicals need to be opened in a fume hood which eliminates the strong odours. Next they will be experimenting with organic compounds such as more hydrocarbons, alcohols and carboxylic acids (this is formed when food starts to go off).

Wall of Gratitude

We have been collecting feathers for our ‘Wall of Gratitude’ that will be displayed at the school. We would like to invite all members of the school community to complete a feather, to focus on the positive things happening in 2020. Use a feather pattern to write or draw the things you are grateful for and send it to school with your students. Ms Poole is in charge of collecting and assembling the feathers into wings to make a display of everything we have to be grateful for. Templates are available from Ms Poole.

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    Principal :                                    Ellie McDougall
    Acting Assistant Principal :       Emma Henry
    General Office hours:                8.15 am  to  4.30 pm   Monday to Friday

    Ararat College is committed to Child Safety (Ministerial Order No.870) and takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the safety of our students is paramount.