Ararat College is committed to Child Safety (Ministerial Order No.870) and takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the safety of our students is paramount.


Ararat College believes strongly in the development of partnerships between students, staff and parents to achieve quality outcomes for young people. The college has high expectations of its students and prides itself both on its academic and cultural offerings.  We welcome community involvement in the college and trust that the many avenues available to assist in developing the college resources and outcomes are rewarding for all involved.


Principal :                                                         Mrs   Ellie McDougall
Assistant Principal :                                        Ms     Emma Henry

Coordinator Years 7 & 8 :                              Mrs   Angela Ettles
Coordinator Years  9 & 10  :                          Mr     Kriss Ellis

Coordinator Years 11 & 12 :                          Mrs   Jessica Erhardt
Business Manager :                                        Ms    Coralie Whitworth

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