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Continuous Reporting 

Continuous Online Reporting is available through our XUNO portal. It will be important that parents and carers have their access to this essential communication channel set up. Access is available through the XUNO families app or directly through the internet, click here for the link.


Teachers will be conducting Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) throughout their classes. Student results will then be published a short time after submission and will include:

  • A description of the task

  • Student achievement result in percentage form

  • Written feedback from the teacher outlining what the student has achieved, what they need to address and actions to take moving forward


This ‘real time’ written feedback allows parents to be more actively involved in their child’s learning. Teachers can work with students to identify future learning goals and students are more accountable for their work habits.


An end of semester report will also be provided to families. This will include assessment against the Victorian Curriculum, a summary of their CAT results and assessment against a learner behaviour framework that will be linked to our school values. The report will be mailed out to families.


This is a big change in the way we have previously reported at Ararat College. We believe that providing more detailed ‘real time’ feedback to students and families will only strengthen the learning outcomes of all our students.


Attached to this communication is a step-by-step guide of how you can access and view teacher feedback from Common Assessment Tasks (CATs), that have been conducted in classes.


Our Student/Parent/Teacher conferences will continue to be held towards the end of Term 1 (March 31st and April 1st) and Term 3 (TBC) and parents are also able to contact teachers with questions via email or though the XUNO parent portal at any time.


What do parents and carers need to do?

  • Please ensure you have access to the XUNO parent portal; if you need assistance with this please either come into our office or phone 5352 4177. There is also a support guide which we have included for your reference and is also available on our website or you can access it via this link.

  • Check the calendar on XUNO to see when your child has a CAT for each class. Feedback will then be available to students and families within three weeks of the due date.

For further information please view our Assessment & Reporting Procedures

How to access these reports through XUNO
Student-Parent Portal - View Assessment Task Feedback_Page_1.jpg
Student-Parent Portal - View Assessment Task Feedback_Page_2.jpg

Victorian Curriculum Assessment:

Students in Year 7-10 will be assessed against the Victorian curriculum at the end of each semester. 


Year 10, 11 and 12:

At the end of each semester (week 20 and EOY) Year 10, 11 and 12 students who are studying VCE subjects will also receive a Satisfactory “S” or an Unsatisfactory “N” score for each subject.


For VCE subjects:

  • “S” means all outcomes as specified in the study design have been satisfactorily achieved.

  • “N” means that not all outcomes have been achieved or there was a breach of attendance rules.

  • "IP" means assessment for that unit is still in progress.

Unit 3 & 4 Achievement Scores: It is important to remember when understanding your child’s achievement score in any Unit 3 & 4 subject that this is not calculated solely on SAC results but based on the items listed in the assessment guides. Any scores provided for SAC’s may change as a part of the VCAA statistical moderation process.

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