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On-site Supervision Guidelines

Eligibility for On-site Supervision

There are two criteria to qualify for on-site attendance during Remote Learning. During the staged return to school these criteria will also apply for Year 7-10 students during Stage 1. If your child is already attending school for on-site supervision you simply need to keep doing what you are doing. If you feel that you need to understand the guidelines and process for on-site supervision please read on.


Criteria A

Students requiring on-site attendance due to parent and carer employment arrangements.

Please click on the link below to complete the on-site attendance form. This needs to be completed by 4pm Thursday (the week before you require the on-site attendance). You will then receive a phone call from the school on Friday confirming the on-site attendance. This process assists in organising adequate staffing for on-site attendance.  

Criteria B

Vulnerable students requiring on-site attendance. 

  • Children in out-of-home care

  • Children deemed by Child Protection and/or Family services to be at risk of harm

  • Children identified by the school as vulnerable

Ellie McDougall 


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