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Youth Journalist of the Year

We are so proud of Year 11 Student and School Captain Jack Ward for being named Youth Journalism International’s 2020 Student Journalist of the Year, what an achievement!

Jack’s dedication to following his passion in journalism whilst also striving to achieve the best results he can at school is inspirational. Not only is Jack dedicated to his studies and budding journalism career, he is also a kind and caring person who takes the time to listen to people whether they are telling him a story, giving him feedback or just want to have a chat, which is a fantastic quality that also makes him a winner in our eyes. Keep doing what you’re doing Jack, the sky is the limit!

What is Youth Journalism International?

To spotlight some of the exceptional journalism done by students across the globe, Youth Journalism International sponsors an annual contest. Our hope is that by calling attention to the best work in English by student reporters, cartoonists and photographers, we can further our mission of promoting a free youth press. It is yet another way to showcase the voices of the next generation. This year’s student journalism contest will recognize outstanding work published between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

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