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Farewell Mr Sawyer

The Student Leadership Team wants to send all of our best wishes and gratitude to Mr Sawyer who has recently retired from the education system after years of service, mainly in a Principal position.

Mr Sawyer cared about us, the students, and that was always at the forefront of his mind. His door was always open and he was more than happy to chat about school, fishing and of course the mighty Hawks.

The student leadership team couldn’t have been happier to work with Mr Sawyer over many years. School Captains before us have always enjoyed and felt lucky to report student voice back to him, knowing that he would listen, evaluate and make appropriate changes.

It is with great sadness that we farewell Mr Sawyer from Ararat College, but we know he will always be a part of our community. He leaves behind a wonderful legacy with the positive influence he has given to hundreds of students.

Thank you Mr Sawyer, for your many years of dedication to us, your students.

On behalf of the Student Leadership Team and the students of Ararat college, past and present, we wish you all the best in retirement.

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