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Alpine School 2020 - Dinner Plain

We`re all enjoying our time up here in the Alpine region and everything we have done so far has been fun and challenging.

Everyone here are so kind and welcoming and we are all getting along really well. Living with 44 people we have just met has been a challenge which all five of us have all dealt with differently. Sharing a room with someone isn`t as hard as we all thought and doing our own washing isn`t that bad either.

Everyone is enjoying the new experience being away from home for a long period of time and doing activities we never thought we could. We have completed expo 1 which involved learning basic skills of pitching tents, cooking in the open and living without the comforts of home. This all happened in the rain, which was a challenging but fun experience for all of us. We are going on expo 2 on Thursday which will involve hiking up Mount Feathertop and then camping. We all have great roommates, great food and everyone is enjoying soaking up a new way of life.

Tylah, Aiden, Clare, Bella and Alanna

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