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Virtual Reality Experience

Students in the Year 9/10 DigiTech class have been learning about drones and virtual reality over the past couple of weeks. On Thursday, a very excited group of students went down to Melbourne to experience a full Virtual Reality session. In teams of eight they entered the world of "Engineerum" where the paths looked like corkscrews and you "moved" along narrow paths above a vast drop to the ocean. The illusion was so persuasive that several participants kept falling to the side trying to balance. In some stages you would see half of your team standing on the ceiling, or you were on the ceiling.

The second half was playing through a "Zombie Survival" game. Graphics similar to normal gaming, but in full surround, made it much more challenging. Crossing "bridges" between skyscrapers over huge voids, not helped by fans coming on to give the feeling of the wind blowing at you. Not your usual game!

All students completed their sessions and the team scores ranked very highly, with several outstanding scores.

I am encouraging students to experience these opportunities, as with the release of "Oculus Quest", for example, the much more advanced home version of virtual reality is arriving. Augmented reality is also having another boost with "Minecraft Earth". Use of these technologies will become much more common place.

I was very pleased with the good behaviour and teamwork shown by our students, and thank the staff who volunteered to attend.

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