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School Farm Campus Open

Last Friday saw the culmination of many months of hard work with the official opening of the school farm. Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to develop this fantastic resource for our current and future students.

This amazing facility has come about through the hard work and support of a large group of people. As a school we could not be more thankful to these people and their organisations.

It is important to make mention of some of those who helped us along the way:

  • The VCAL team and our VCAL students in developing the farm, showing us what could be achieved, and identifying the necessity of providing a building on site.

  • The support of Dave Sanders and our school council.

  • Our Business Manager Coralie Whitworth, who was the project manager and organiser. Keeping things on track and getting us all organised!

  • RAL homes for providing an affordable building to support the education of local young people, and supporting the relocation process, which made the whole process much easier. Specifically Brett and Pam Loeliger and David and Wendy Holcombe.

  • Special thanks to Barry Marx and his staff for the time they have kindly donated to this project.

  • Jaala Pulford for getting us over the line in regards to the planning of the project, which allowed us to be able to proceed.

  • Simon Clayfield and Don Byron who have both gone above and beyond in supporting our students and school in our wine making.

  • Western Quarries and Ararat Rotary.

  • All trades who have worked on the project.

As a school we are very excited that we have now further developed our capacity to provide a greater number of rich and engaging learning opportunities.

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