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Holocaust Museum

Last Thursday the year 10 students took a trip to the Holocaust Museum in Melbourne. We had a long bus ride but soon arrived. The outside of the building was one of both magnificence and bewilderment. There were four pillars all with art work on them lower down, but higher up was the real truth. On the first pillar there were arms outstretched as if asking for help. On the second pillar there was barbed wire. On the third was the Star of David. On the fourth, books, something that was taken away from the victims - along with their freedom and their education.

As we entered it was a very quiet place that demanded respect. We went into an auditorium where we watched a film outlining facts about the holocaust. When we finished that we had a guided tour of the museum with all its stories and all its history. It was very moving. Then we listened to a talk by an inspirational man who was a survivor of this horrific genocide. He spoke about his fight to save his family and to find them again after the war. A very brave man who moved us all, and we all took something away from this excursion - a realisation of how things could have been and how lucky we are.

Lana Fox - Year 10

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