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Year 10 Ski Camp to Mt Buller

On the 17th – the 19th of July, 13 students when on a camp trip to Mt Buller. We arrived around 1:30 – 2:00pm and went to our accommodation and settled in. We collected our ski gear and the next day we went to ski school to learn the basics of skiing. I think everyone found it a challenge at first to get used to the gear. After ski school we started to practise going up the magic carpet, which is a conveyor belt that takes you to the top of a slope. It was very challenging, as most of us kept crashing because we didn’t know how to turn. I was about ready to give up but continued to practise. The next day we then went back to ski school and finally learnt how to turn, once we learnt how to turn mostly everyone could ski somewhat. Now we had the big challenge… going up the chairlift. This was super scary, as you are super high up on them. I crashed about ten times but it was still fun. The next day we sadly had to go home. No one was happy, we all wanted to stay longer. But good things come to an end. On the way home we sang along to songs old and new and enjoyed the trip as much as possible before it was over. We got back around 6:30ish and we all went home and enjoyed the best sleep in our beds in a while.

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