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Year 7 Camp 2019

A big thank you to Year 7 Coordinator Mr Krol and to all other staff who attended last week’s Year 7 camp at Dunkeld. Our Year 7 students had a fabulous time making new friends and getting to know each other better. They also had the opportunity to get to know many of their new teachers outside of the classroom. The students participated in a wide range of fun and challenging activities and returned home Friday afternoon tired but happy.

On Wednesday 13th of February, 9:30am, the bus heading to Dunkeld departed with an excited crowd of year 7s. The bus ride was one hour long, and quite noisy. As we arrived, we were greeted by the park owners, Dennis and Maree. They told us the basic rules and boundaries before we were informed who was in the cabins. There was one cabin of twelve, and the other cabins ranged from 4-10. After setting up our beds, we all met up near the dining hall, and were told our activity groups. They were called the Rosellas, Currawongs, Kangaroos and Wallabies. We then got with our teachers and headed off to the first activity. Depending on which group you were in the activities you did varied. The activities were Group Initiatives, Low Ropes, Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Hiking up Piccanniny or free time, Canoeing, Rock Climbing and Abseiling and a night walk.

Rahni - 7 Green

Thursday: for breakfast we had cereal, toast and scrambled eggs. Then we went off to do our group activities. The activities were, low ropes, flying fox, and more. After a heap of fun activities it was lunch time. For lunch we had wraps. Three more hours of fun activities lead everyone back into the dining room for dinner. For dinner there was a roast lamb with veggies and ice-cream.

Ashlyn - 7 Green

We also got the chance to go abseiling rock-climbing low ropes and the giant swing. (That was my favourite) I enjoyed it so much ! I would like to thank Mr Krol, Mrs Ettles, Taylah Bonnie, Harlow, Miss Barnett ,Mrs Rees and Lauren Bowles. would also like to thank Dennis, Marie and the cooking ladies as well for the amazing food.


- 7 Green

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