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Mud-A-Thon 2018

Last Tuesday a number of our students joined students from Marian College and Lake Bolac College and participated in the first ever youth ‘Mud-A-thon’ run by Ararat Police and Central Grampians LLEN.

Students were able to compete the 7km course individually or in teams. The initial stages of the course was on even terrain, then once the students made it out to Green Hill Lake they had to tackle a range of obstacles including a rope climb, water crossings, tractor tyres, crawling through smelly mud, hay bale towers and running up motorbike jumps.

It was an enjoyable day, with all students participating with lots of enthusiasm. A sausage sizzle was provided for hungry runners at the end of the course. Many thanks to those who volunteered to help with the running of the event particularly to Emma Henry, Andy Reynolds, Liz Barnot, Trish Ruthven and the AC News crew for capturing the event. It was a great first event and we hope to build on this for next year and make it even bigger and better.

Mrs Murnane

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