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State Schools Spectacular

Ashley S, Alanna R, Amy C, Sruthi K, Mr. Bowles, Ms. Ruthven and I left on Wednesday at the start of period 4. The first thing was when we got to our apartments which were absolutely amazing. We went to the Melbourne Central food court for dinner, meeting Lauren, and were back at the apartment and asleep at 9:30pm for the following day.

In the morning we had to be ready and at Melbourne arena by around 8am, we began the practice and it was the first time anyone had done it with everyone together. It was cool to see how the principle vocalists sang the songs compared to the originals. We worked hard, and had a good day, and when we had breaks we would play UNO. We ate at Soda Rock Diner and had a blast while dancing to Nutbush and the chicken dance.

On the Friday we were practising the 2nd half and after that they were filming for TV. We all worked hard, and by the end of the day we were all tired. I must have been tired, because on the way out I fell down the stairs. Dinner was at La Porchetta where we witnessed a woman slip and tell one of the waiters that there was a spill, however there was nothing there. We had a laugh and then we made our way back to the apartment to pack. We were all tired and packed quickly so we could sleep!

In the morning we had more time than we did the other days, so we were able to sleep more and take our time other than having to be out by 10am. Everyone got through bag check and went upstairs into our area. Some people were getting nervous for the two shows to come. We all got our jackets on ready for our first dance of Geronimo. The day flew by, and in the second performance while finishing Steam, as Alanna was trying to get out of the wheel chair she somehow ended up on the ground laughing. During being on and off stage Alanna got photos with nearly every principle vocalist including her Idol Isabella Clark. The performance day went by quickly, and before we knew it we were meeting our parents and leaving for home.

Mia Chace (with help from Sruthi)

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