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PARTY (Program to Address Risk Taking in Youth) Program

On Monday as part of our PARTY Program, Year 10 students attended a presentation on being ‘Fit to Drive’. This presentation was organised by school nurse Leonie Cowey and was designed to inform our students of the importance of being able to drive safely and not allowing their driving skills to be impeded due to their consumption of alcohol or other drugs. The possible consequences of having an accident due to being under the influence or dangerous driving were also discussed. On Tuesday the ‘Fit to Drive’ presentation was followed up with a visit to the Accident and Emergency area of the Ararat Hospital. Students were shown what can happen as a result of risk taking behaviour when behind the wheel of a car. This could result in minor injuries, major injuries, the need for a lengthy period of physiotherapy/rehabilitation, being temporarily or permanently incapacitated in a variety of ways, or very sadly, death.

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