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End of Year Camps

Year 9

Year 9 camp was one of the best camps I have been on so far in high school. It was so enjoyable and was so nice to have time alone in our spare time. During the camp we visited multiple places, like the MCG, Melbourne Star, MSAC, Victoria Market, the Aboriginal Heritage Tour and ice skating. We had plenty of spare time to go to Melbourne Central to go shopping and chill.


Year 9 camp was an eventful camp, I honestly enjoyed it so much. We had time to do our own thing, as well as socialise with other year 9s during activities. I’m very thankful that I had the chance to go and experience new things. We went to the MCG and had a tour which was very informative, and I learnt a lot and had fun. We also went to MSAC and had an awesome and fun time swimming. Although I didn’t swim I enjoyed watching my fellow students enjoy themselves. Shay

Year 8

Year 8 students also spent three days on camp last week, travelling to Anglesea and undertaking a range of activities including horse riding, canoeing, mountain biking, high ropes course, and paddle boarding. The highlight, according to Mr Harris, was the scavenger hunt, won by his team ! Thank you to Ms Henry and Ms Poole for organising the camp, and to Mr Harris, Miss Anderson and Mr Herben for attending.

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