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Student Staff Basketball Challenge

October 13th saw a monumental battle take place on the Ararat College basketball courts, a struggle between the school’s very best teachers and the students who had been challenging them for years. As the game kicked off it seemed to be an even affair, with the mix of experienced veterans on the court and first time rookies meshing together well. As the game progressed the students started to pull away from the teachers, but a late charge towards the end of the first half brought the staff to just a few points behind.

As each team came into the second half of the game they both knew it was all on the line, yet the vitality and energy of the students was too much for the inexperienced teacher’s unit and so the students came away with a win which will be remembered for years.

It was great to see so many teachers get involved in what will be one of the last activities outside of the classroom that any of this year’s Year 12 students will ever have. Having the chance to do something with the teachers that wasn’t work related and could be purely fun based was an awesome experience that I hope will be continued for every Year 12 group from here on.

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