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Year 9 Activities Week

In the final three days of Term Two the Year 9 students participated in an alternative program. On Wednesday the Undercurrent Program came in to speak to us about Respectful Relationships. We were split into groups of boys and girls so that we could discuss respectful relationships. The presenters were friendly and they gave us a lot to think about.

On Thursday, we went out to the Ararat Regional Park to participate in community service. We pulled out big weeds and for the larger ones it took all of our energy! I thought that it was a good day and enjoyed it.

Then on Friday morning we learnt some martial arts and self-defence with Wise Self Defence. We learnt the basic ways we can protect ourselves. After recess, three people from the Shout Out Program came and talked to us about how to find our passion and how to engage with our community. The day finished with House Music. All of the teams performed well but at the end Gold won.

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