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Alpine School

12 weeks ago four students from year 9 attended a place called the Alpine School for 10 weeks. The School for Student leadership, the Alpine campus was where the four of us went, and had the time of our lives.

The School was amazing. We all had fun and learnt a lot from it. We all defiantly changed for the better because of it. Up on top of the mountain, time flew by so fast. From one moment to the next we were always busy, always on our feet. Even on our rest days we were always doing something. We had the privilege to do everything from camping and cooking in the snow, to bush walks up to 20 km, to just dance, to building snow forts and have snow ball fights and to selling cupcakes at a market Memories where made and fun was had, as we journeyed through both good and bad times.

Alpine was life changing event for all of us. Now all that’s left to do is our CLP.

Look out for us at the show!

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