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Year 7 Humanities

In Year 7 Humanities we have just completed a term of geography studies with a unit on mapping. We had a specific focus on topographical maps and map reading for the final section of the topic. Throughout the unit, the students built up a base knowledge of the components, features, and uses of different map types, and then put this knowledge to practice using a real-world scenario.

Using a large and highly detailed topographical map of the Northern Grampians, the students were required to: locate different landmarks and physical features on the map, apply their mathematical skills in deciphering the real-world distances between two places on the map using the scale, and finally, they were asked to use map referencing techniques to indicate locations of landmarks and physical features.

At the start of the topic the map of the Northern Grampians seemed almost indecipherable for the students, however as their knowledge progressed they showed an excellent ability to read and utilise the technical and highly detailed map. These skills will allow students to move into exciting topics such as Outdoor Education in the future or to engage in their own camping and hiking trips.

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