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Maria Island Hike to Higher Education

Six Year 10 students, accompanied by Ms Andrew, recently participated in the Maria Island ‘Hike to Higher Education’. The annual four day camp, organised by Anglicare Victoria, and led by student mentors from Federation University , aims to encourage secondary school students to discover their passions in life and build their academic journey.

Students from Wonthaggi College participated in the hike along with the Ararat students.

‘My time at Maria island has been amazing it as taught me so many things and I loved hearing so many stories about other people in the same situation, like struggling at school. I enjoyed my time with everyone, I will remember all these people for a lifetime. There are so many good memories to take away with me.’ Chloe Graham

‘I actually had the best experience and my outlook on my future has actually changed. I have definitely made life-long friends, and I enjoyed the whole thing. I looked back on the boat and realised every moment I spent on that island I was never mad, annoyed or sad. I enjoyed and loved it all. I may have been exhausted and sore but it was definitely worth it.’

Gemma Millington

‘My time at Maria island was amazing. Before I came I thought it was going to be really bad and all the people here were going to be so different, but when I came it was the complete opposite. I’ve met so many people and become so close to everyone. My favourite part was definitely the ‘Bishop and Clerk’ hike, the view was absolutely amazing, although it was really tiring. I did not want to leave, wish it went for longer.’ Mikaela Moorfoot

‘I wasn’t going to come on the Hke for Higher Education because I was worried that I wasn’t going to make any new friends. Turns out of I have made friends for life. I think it was a good Idea that the uni students came along. Every one of them was really easy to get along with. I had a good talk to Ellen about university and what I have to do to get in and live a successful life. Some other people who I had talks to were Kyle, Vin and some others. The hiking was by far the hardest thing on the camp. The first day was really long and tiring, but the second day was up hill for most the day. Even though they were hard I really enjoyed myself. I wish we could have stayed longer though.’ Sophie Graham

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