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AC News Launch

Last Friday saw the official launch of AC News, a student-driven project which grew out of a successful English class activity from last year. The student team is aiming to work together to bring the news of Ararat College, Australia and the world to the college community. The AC News Instagram page is now up, meaning that anyone interested can follow it and receive the news segments in their feed. It is a private account, so please be understanding if it takes the team a few days to accept your Follow Request.

It’s great to see a large number of Year 7 and 8 students involved in this project, lead by co-producers Jack Ward and Miss Sky. Other students involved are: Max Stewart - cameraman, Nikita McDonald - camerawoman, Tyson Makovec - editor, Jasmine Geard - lighting, Kate Sellon - journalist, JJ Bartlett - lighting, Lachie Fiegert - editor, Dylan O’Brien - narrator, and Daniel Leggett - assistant cameraman.

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