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Maths Pathways

Students from Years 7-9 have been learning Mathematics a whole new way this year. Students have been participating in the Maths Pathway program. This program allows every student to have their very own maths curriculum targeted at their own individual learning needs.

In every class, students are getting work generated for them based on where they are up to. This means that everyone in the room is given the best chance to succeed in Maths. While students are working, their teacher is spending more time one-on-one with students and running mini-lessons with small groups.

The program also gives parents a chance to monitor their child’s progress in the subject by logging onto the parent’s portal. Each student has been given a website log in code which will work on any computer or tablet. At home parents can log in with the same code, and click the ‘Parent’s Portal’ button for to-the-minute information on their child’s progress.

If you would like to know more about the Maths Pathway program, contact the Maths faculty.

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