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Subject Selection - 2024


At Ararat College, all students will have a dedicated time in August to meet with members of the Ararat College  Pathways Team to  discuss their pathway and submit their subject selections. Our dedicated Pathways Team will also meet with students as they approach their senior secondary years.

Subject Selection Handbook

This book is divided into sections for Year 9, Year 10, VCE,  VCE (VM) and VET. There is introductory information at the start of each section to explain the requirements of the different programs and certificates. Students will be asked to fill out a form (included in the final section) that specifies their preferred areas of study for the subsequent year. This form should be signed by a parent and submitted at their subject selection meeting.

Pathways Conversation Day -  Tuesday 8th August 2023

Please make an appointment for your subject selection Pathways Conversation via the Xuno parent portal. Appointments are for approx. 10 minutes.

Interview are available during the following times.

11.00am  to  1.00pm

  1.40pm  to  6.00pm

How to submit subject choices

  • Please read through this handbook and consider all of your options.

  • Make a note of the subjects you would like to study and complete the Subject Selection Form at the rear of this book.

  • Bring the completed subject selection form with you to the Pathways Conversation.

If you have any questions, please contact the college office.

Subject Information
Subject Forms
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