Update 7/4/2020

This morning saw an announcement from the Department of Education regarding the confirmed transition to remote and flexible online learning for Term 2. The means that students who can learn from home must learn from home.


Students who fall into the below categories are an exception to this advice:

  1. Children on days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This will be available for children of parents who cannot work from home, and vulnerable children, including:

    • children in out-of-home care

    • children deemed by Child Protection and/or Family Services to be at risk of harm

    • children identified by the school as vulnerable (including via referral from a family violence agency, homelessness or youth justice service or mental health or other health service and children with a disability).

  2. For learning requirements that cannot be conducted via distance, and considering operational requirements from the Department of Education this could include small groups of VCE and VCAL students being permitted to attend school, with appropriate physical distancing and hygiene measures in place. Students who fall into the second part of this will be notified before Wednesday April 15th.

If you believe that as a student your child falls into one of these categories can you please click on the following link so that we can prepare as effectively as possible to support out students throughout a very different looking Term 2 of education. This is going to be a challenging time for most of us as we all navigate outside our comfort zone, but we are working and supporting each other and I ask that we ensure this continues as we all learn together!


As always if you have any questions, need additional support during this time or would like to make contact please email me on

Take care,

Ellie McDougall

Acting Principal

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