State School Spectacular

Five Ararat College students, dancers Jack Ward, Khloe Campbell, Tara Charlesworth, Toneya Hurst and, working behind the scenes in stage management, Lauren Bowles, took part in this year’s State Schools Spectacular. Their performances at Hisense Arena followed months of hard work and rehearsals. I attended the matinee performance and was impressed by the enormous talent displayed by students in a number of different areas including singing, dancing, puppetry, roller skating, magic, tap dancing, ballet and hip hop. Congratulations to all students, and thank you to staff members Ms Erhardt, Ms McDougall, Ms Andrew and Mr Bowles for their work organising and accompanying the students.

VCAL Food Drive Project

From the 1st of August to the 15th of August, Jess, Libby and Em from VCAL ran a food drive for our school (Ararat College) and two primary schools that were kind enough to join in on the project, which we appreciate! Those schools were Ararat 800 and Ararat West. On the 15th of August we ran an out of school uniform for the entire school. The only requirement was to bring a non-perishable food item (or as many as you wanted to bring) or money. All money and food was donated to the Salvation Army to help those who are less fortunate. We thought that the food drive went well however, we would have changed a few things. We found that the bin we had to collect the food got full very quickly (w

Year 7 Food Technology

Year 7 students are continuing to cook and eat their way through the Healthy Eating Pyramid. This week they are studying Grains. The recommended serving suggestions for teens is 4-6 serves per day. Students this week cooked Simple Fried Rice (see recipe below). They further developed their skills in peeling, finely dicing, and organisation. Dakota “My fried rice was delicious. My dish was completed well and I didn’t burn anything. I liked the rice flavours.” Flynn “It was yum. It was an easy dish to cook and healthy. It was very colourful with all the different veggies” Oscar H. “I improved my knife skills, with cutting my bacon up small.” Maddie “I enjoyed my Fried Rice. I want to cook thi

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